‘What else can I do to get pregnant?’  Here’s what I’ve learned my decades of helping clients to pregnancy success! 

When you’re  ttc, doing IVF or NaPro, it makes sense to be proactive.

In the dark

Sleep in pitch dark, with blackout blinds or an eye-mask. Light interferes with deep sleep. Humans are designed to sleep without screens or standby lights raising the lighting volume. Melatonin, the ‘master’ hormone is released as the sun sets or not at all, if lights and screens blaze at bedtime. The hypothalamus and ovaries need a nightly melatonin shot – or fertility hormone production drops and weight gain hormones activate. Think 8 hours sleep a night – you’ve earned it!


When you sleep in full darkness you:

  • regularize menstrual cycles to around 28 days
  • improve mucus
  • boost natural progesterone
  • normalise FSH
  • reduce pms
  • kickstart ovulation
  • prevent miscarriage

Daylight playtime

Daytime sex catches high-fertility testosterone peaks. Saturday night sex is an old-married habit. A morning quickie or a romp before dinner is a better bet for getting pregnant. Need lube? Avoid ones with cancer-causing parabens.

Gut feeling

1. Bacteria live in your gut. They keep you happy – and stabilize weight. Gut health and vaginal health are closely linked. Bacterial Vaginosis leads to inflammation and impacts every step of your reproductive process. It increases risk of miscarriage and preterm labour. BV is more common than Candida.

Natural Fertility Hacks

2. Eat – like grandma did. Keep it real with fresh food. US 1980 public health guidelines now endorse full fat and butter as obesity bites. Probiotics and pickles help gut health. Check your allergy and food intolerance index if you get constipation, diarrhoea, skin irritations, wheezing or a raspy voice. Dairy and gluten sensitivities screw with your gut health. Alcohol and caffeine interfere with fertility for women – and men. While you’re at it, ditch bathroom toiletries and cosmetics with long lists of chemicals. Fabric softeners, hair dyes and perfumes, air fresheners … do you really need them all right now?

3. Food isn’t what it used to be in Grandma’s day. Most supplements are pure rubbish with pretty labels and empty promises. Pre-Conceive by Pillar is the only supplement I recommend. Plant-based, it provides all the good stuff for healthy baby making and reducing risk of miscarriage.

4. Ditch colonic irrigation. It’s an expensive way to take a dump.

5. Leave off ‘suck-me-in’ shape wear. Hot and sweaty breeds the wrong sort of  vaginal bacteria. Even in a couple hours.

6. Fart through silk. Best advice for a happy, healthy hoo-hah. Or make-do with high-street cotton – nylon underwear is a private petri dish for the nasties.

7. Does anybody douche now? Strictly a 1950’s thing? Best leave it there.

8. Never share a bathroom towel, or sex toy, with anyone. It’s the perfect way to spread more than love. http://www.helenatubridy.com/chlamydia/

Physical Fertility Hacks

Muscles move. They get stiff.  This impedes circulation to vital baby-making areas … ovaries, tubes, womb, vagina. Likewise, drainage in the pelvic area backs up. Exercise, sitting, screens – and fertility investigations of the ‘stirrup queen’ variety make it worse. Sitting is the new smoking. Use a stand-up desk like Bob Cratchet in A Christmas Carol. You may not realize deep muscles spasm as discomfort is referred to other sites in your body.  Massage and trigger point release by a specialist sports massage therapist or osteopath helps fertility and birth.

Move it

Exercise as if you mean it. Nothing hardcore, but enough to let it make you smile. Then you’ll feel happy, sexy endorphins kick in and you’ll keep at it. Win win.

Feel it

It’s hard to hear emotional blocks stop you getting pregnant. When you understand your mind is protecting you in a weird way, you’ll see how emotional issues are tied to infertility.

natural fertility hacks

If you’ve a baby-blocker in there, your mind sends ‘whoa’ signals to your body to stop ovulation, mess with periods and prevent pregnancy.

Removing mental road blocks is often the final turn of the key.

Fears are normal around pregnancy, birth and parenthood- who’s ever really ready for it? If you’re super-anxious about not getting pregnant, a stress response fires up and sabotages all your good work.  Psychogenic infertility relates to emotional or mental barriers to getting pregnant. Sounds like it’s all in your head? Have you ever hd to run to the loo before an interview?That’s a very real physical effect of anxiety.

Stress is normal and  infertility stretches mind and body to the limit. Over time the effects compromise reproduction. Sure you can cope, but that’s what mindfulness fertility coaching was invented for. It’s not rocket science, just common sense.  Learn it, use it and feel the benefits.

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