Studies show that 60-90% of GP visits are for stress-related complaints.

From insomnia, heartburn, raised blood pressure to poor memory, lowered libido and weight gain, stress impacts health and well-being. You know how stress affects you. Restless nights, irritability, anxiety. Infertility adds to life’s stress.

You may be able to cope with it in the short term, but the effects are cumulative and toxic.



While stressors vary in intensity, there not be a lot you can do to change stuff beyond your control. It’s your response to stress that matters for your health. Mindfulness hypnotherapy shows you how to change your approach and cope better.

Some stress is actually useful in motivating you to perform and get tasks done. It can come as a great relief to learn that you also have an natural in-built capacity to elicit the equally powerful Relaxation Response. This acts as a powerful antidote to toxic stress levels.

Renowned Harvard cardiologist, Dr. Herbert Benson, discovered this normal human response.  Mindfulness teaches you how to break the chain of everyday stress – and use your amazing brain to alter your reaction to life’s stressors while remaining focused and calm.

Results have been verified by MRI scans.

Improving your sleep habits and regaining high quality restorative sleep patterns is a starting point in this rapid-action therapy.

Learn effective coping strategies and gain a new perspective on life. Learn to to recognize and respond effectively to stress, anxiety – and situations which trigger it.

Discover how you can benefit by learning Mindfulness.

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