Up to 60% -90% of GP visits are stress related

Up to 60% -90% of GP visits are stress related

The flight or fight response brings a cascade of  physical responses  –  racing heart, gasping for air, nausea and weak legs. Panicky thoughts cloud judgement. This instant response helps you act quickly in a crisis but it is not sustainable. Our bodies are hard wired to danger. Perceived danger elicits the same symptoms. We are not able to operate at heightened levels of anxiety over a sustained period of time. Daily life is packed full of stress. Notice how being stuck in traffic can affect you? Working to deadlines, commuting, paying bills, redundancy, divorce, illness, being a carer can take a toll on your health and wellness.

Responding to Stress with Relaxation

It sounds like the last thing you want to do when life is tough and you’re stretched to breaking point. I prefer to describe this relaxation as ‘focus’ rather than a Homer Simpson blobbing out! You learn to control your thoughts, responses and urges around stress with Mindfulness training, you. Placing your system on ‘standby’ saves energy makes for a clear head.

The Science

Imagine an opposite response to the flight/fight response! There is one and it’s known as the ‘Relaxation Response. We have an inborn capacity to counteract the stress response to restore normality. Mindfulness does this for you by applied relaxation and focusing attention. Mindfulness Therapy is a rapid and effective way of using the relaxation response state to re-boot your system.

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Mindfulness teaches coping skills to reduce anxiety & respond to everyday stress

Dr. Herbert Benson, of the Benson Henry Institute of Mind/Body Medicine, at Masachussets General Hospital( massgeneral.org/bhi/research), has studied the effects of stress on cardiovascular disease (med. Sci. monit.8(50;ra43-ra101)

I just love teaching my clients easy ways to use Mindfulness everyday and feel good!

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