Stress and anxiety affect your whole body

Stress and anxiety affect your body

Tired, irritable and not sleeping well?

Chances are you could be suffering the effects of stress and anxiety.

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times, but running on empty seriously affects your health and well-being. Poor concentration, grumpiness, low libido, insomnia, irritable bowel and panic attacks stem from stress.  Self-confidence and self-esteem falter, relationships, study and work suffer. Chronic untreated stress escalates to anxiety and phobias.
Trying to keep on top of things take its toll when you’re on the infertility roller coaster. Over time the effects of trying to remain positive in the face of infertility erode well-being and happiness.

Hoping to get pregnant every month, charting cycles and scheduling sex, taking meds, having scans, waiting to test, disappointment, work and bills – it all adds up.

Dealing With Stress And Anxiety

Stress wears you down and triggers poor eating habits, weight gain, lowered libido and isolation. If unchecked it leads to anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress in small doses keeps you sharp and focused. It lets perform at your peak and enjoy the challenge. Everyone reacts differently to stress. Someone might find climbing a rock face stimulating, yet quail at a dinner party. The stress response is hard-wired into our system to deal with danger quickly. It  gives us the edge to meet a deadline, or respond to a crisis. Constant stress is the problem leading to chronic anxiety. You can’t switch off, especially at night. Everything’s an effort when you’re tired.

Working in busy hospitals I saw the effects of stress on doctors and nurses. High rates of burn out and breakups, alcohol abuse, sleep and weight problems, infertility.

Mindfulness helps anxiety

  • I teach Mindfulness skills so you get a new perspective on life. You develop a sense of control,  increase self-confidence, control worry, and sleep well. Getting on top of anxiety and intrusive thoughts is a major relief. It changes your outlook and reduces perfectionist tendencies so you feel better. When anxiety decreases – your fertility improves.
  • Mindfulness improves mood, well-being and mental clarity with knock on effects on your relationship, intimacy, work, play, fun, exercise and eating habits. Mindfulness strengthens family bonds and friendships. Good mood leads to fun which lifts the mood and gives you a break from your worries.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is key to well-being. A restful night’s sleep often the first thing clients notice after their first session. The benefits of sleep are amazing … when you sleep well you feel and look rested and clear-headed. You may even shed excess weight.
  • Hypnotherapy triggers the relaxation response and halts the cascade of stress hormones to kickstart the process over 6-8 sessions. Clients are surprised at how quickly they learn the calming comfort of  living mindfully. ‘It is like having a holiday from worry.’ ‘I now cope better with life and feel confident in myself.’