10 Ways to Better Fertility Sex!

Sex has a habit of losing it’s appeal just when you are trying to conceive. Here is a fertility-sex survival guide to boost flagging libido!  Discover how you can bring fun and passion back into your sex life … and make getting pregnant easier.  Remember how you could hardly keep your hands off each other in the exciting early days of your relationship? Get started with this simple guide.


1.         Know yourself:  If you don’t know what turns you on, arouses you and brings you to orgasm, it may be a delightful voyage of discovery for you both to find fertility sex can be fabulous.

2.         Get started:  Just do it. You may not always feel completely in the mood, or you may be tired but by actually having fertility sex, you can get incredibly turned on.

3.         Flirt with your other half.  Learn how to see them with fresh, lustful eyes and let them know how attractive they are in sweet ways.

4.         Take time to be sexy:  Make a decision to have regular grown-up play time and to prepare for it.  Make the lover you have your special one with texts and special limited meetings within your busy schedule.

5.         Listen:  Giving someone the full benefit of listening intently to what they are saying is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially when you are in the throes of fertility sex.

 6.         Think sexy thoughts :  Sexual arousal starts in your head with images, fantasies and sexy thoughts.  This is what gets you in the mood well before any physical touch.

7.         Show and Tell:  However closely you are attuned to each other,  you are not mind-readers.  Expecting your partner to know when and how you want sex, especially fertility sex, is as silly as it sounds.

8.         Friends:  Everyone else always seems to be having rampant sex and multiple orgasms.  By the same token they have bigger cars, better figures and more secure jobs.  Just make the most of your own fertility sex opportunities!

9.         Privacy:   You don’t just need privacy for sex.  Dissecting your relationship and it’s short-comings in endless bare-all heart-to-hearts together or with friends, is a great way to build a large, impenetrable barrier to warm, frank sex.

10.       Fun Time:  Don’t use fertility sex as a method of settling disputes.  Make sure you don’t see it as something to be withheld or granted, as a bargaining chip.  You both deserve the best your relationship can give.


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