Fertility Reflexology – an effective and enjoyable therapy for women trying to conceive, struggling with infertility or preparing for IVF.

Hard to believe … this heavenly foot massage has proven health benefits.

Physically – and emotionally  it ticks lot of boxes and punches way above its weight. It’s a super start to mindfulness as well. I combine reflexology with my midwifery expertise to give my clients the best help in getting pregnant as quickly as possible.

It’s so effective for women who have painful, irregular periods, endometriosis, PCOS, unexplained or secondary infertility. Some clients are doing IVF or medical fertility treatment and find it an emotional rollercoaster.  Reflexology reduces overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

Could your love life use a boost at a time when sex has lost it’s magic and feels like another chore in your crowded calendar? Reflexology is a traditional aphrodisiac!

I’m a fertility coach so there’s helpful medically accurate advice to boost IVF, Neo and NaPro success. My fertility reflexology helps many women conceive every month. It includes coaching, lifestyle advice and my secrets to conceiving success – even when the odds are stacked against you.

What is Fertility Reflexology?

Reflexology views the two feet as a map of the body. Using specific massage techniques on the feet, reflexology induces deep relaxation. It helps reboot hormones and realign systems.

Body systems are mapped on the feet

Body systems are mapped on the feet

Reflexology eases bowel disorders, skin complaints, migraines, hormonal imbalances and stress. You’ll enjoy a feeling of calm, focused wellness, total relaxation and increased libido.

Each session is one hour and costs €70. If  you  are trying to conceive, phone me now on 087-9962466 for special offers.


Welcoming your baby

Fertility Reflexology helps you conceive

As a former midwife with hundreds of happy birthdays to my credit, my birth preparation sessions are popular with fertility clients to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare for birth.

Did you know that reflexology encourages labour to start if a baby is going overdue?

Post-natally I help my clients recover quickly from normal birth and c-sections, emergencies –  and during through those early days of motherhood.

Maternity Reflexology  is a popular new-mom treat  … and my complimentary ‘Happy Birthday’ to my fertility clients.  Reflexology eases heartburn, backache, constipation, insomnia and all the other discomforts of pregnancy.

Delivering Baby Dreams

Delivering Baby Dreams

Beyond Maternity

My Reflexology practice goes beyond infertility and maternity. Everyone can benefit from this 4000- year old treatment.Women and men, young and old. It relaxes you and stimulate your natural healing. From IBS, insomnia, asthma or tension headaches to post-op recovery –  reflexology offers real relief.