Why is fertility mindfulness coaching helping women get pregnant? Not as strange as you’d think! If you’ve ever blushed you’ll understand what I mean. Embarrassment visible to the world with a big red face! Not surprising –  emotions influence all body activity, especially  fertility hormones.

tipping the odds with fertility mindfulness

Fertility Mindfulness helps you tip the odds of conceiving in your favour by re-aligning your mindset with your body. It prepares you for conception success, no matter what you’ve experienced.

Fertility Mindfulness – The Science!

Fertility is a continuous mind and body process, not just a one-off event.  You can make changes that boost your fertility. This goes for women and men.

The ‘thinking’ part of your mind occupies a fraction of  your brain’s activity. Most of your brain plots physical functions –  breathing, circulation, digestion, hormone production, immune system etc.  Your body alters, moment-to-moment. Thoughts, moods and emotions affect hormone building. Mind and body are interconnected and communicate with each other all the time.

Picture this. Every thought you think produces a chemical messenger to trigger your endocrine and/or immune system. 

These impact fertility, conceiving and pregnancy. Neuroscience research shows connectivity of mind and body. Thoughts and emotions underpin biology, behaviours, choices and decisions ~  this is called Psychoneuroimmunology.

  • You have an adrenaline-activated fight/flight mechanism. Imagine the exact opposite   –  body and mind in standby mode. This the ‘Relaxation Response,’ researched by Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard University. Being ‘in the zone,’ mind calm yet focused, sleeping well at night, clear-headed by day. Sports people achieve this mindset at peak performance.  Switch to this ‘safe mode’ by learning how to use mindfulness and fertility levels rise!

Research news from Harvard shows Mindfulness literally changes your mind for good:


What Can I do?

You are what you eat, feel and think. An integrated mind/body system. You need to look after both to turbo charge fertility.

minding your body

Minding your body

  • When you are busy, on the go, getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to make a baby is not always easy. People always ask me what supplements I recommend. Until recently I’d smile and say, ‘Save your hard-earned cash!’

Most fertility multi-vitamin cocktails deliver little more than empty promises. As a trained Clinical Research Associate  I understand the science behind supplements. I came across a new ethical, Irish product. Worth checking out, it’s called pre-Conceive by Pillar Healthcare in pharmacies and health food shops.

Fertility Mindfulness Coaching

Individual sessions get you back in the driving seat. Starting with your story we tailor mindfulness stress and anxiety reduction, and use hypnosis to support lifestyle changes,

Fertility mindfulness, tailored for you

Fertility mindfulness, tailored for you

Fertility Coaching prepares you for IVF and egg collection, transfer, 2- week- wait and follow-up in the early days of pregnancy.


Maybe you could use help after miscarriage, pregnancy loss, termination of pregnancy, ectopic or IVF failure.

Fertility mindfulness combines coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness training, visualisation, and counseling. There’s plenty of discussion, common sense and humor in your private ‘Fertility Bootcamp.’

More info:  http://pathways.nice.org.uk/pathways/fertility


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