Fertility in Mond - How to succeed with IVFFertility In Mind – How to succeed with IVF

Fertility In Mind, my little guide book, is about how to get pregnant. It prepares you for IVF success and dispels infertility myths.

Described as ‘The Facts of Life for Grownups’  it is clear, precise and rooted in my  30 years’ clinical experience of helping couples achieve parenthood.

There is an IVF ‘alphabet soup’ to help you understand your treatment.

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Check out information on fertility and IVF, egg donation, surrogacy and treatment abroad.

Discover how you can make that vital difference and boost your natural fertility, prepare for IVF success, and surf the infertility rollercoaster to pregnancy.  Click the ‘Buy Now’ button above to download your copy now.

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Discover the importance of a positive mindset for IVF success.  There’s a wealth of practical advice,  open discussions of the fertility journey and how to keep your fertility in mind.  It  is a frank account reflecting  my clients successes over many years.  I am a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Fertility Coach experienced in gynaecology  nursing and midwifery. My Fertility In Mind program continues to help couples like you have healthy babies.

There are many sources of research and I refer to the  support websites that I find most helpful.

In particular is the organisation NICE as a definitive source of accurate information and you are welcome to check out this link  http://pathways.nice.org.uk/pathways/fertility

I am a member of ASRM … the American Society of Reproductive Medicine which provides excellent patient resources.



Check out the  Contents Preview:
Fertility In Mind – How to succeed with IVF  by Helena Tubridy

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Chapter 1 Fertility Works

For Her: The Plumbing

For Him: The Plumbing

Chapter 2 Refreshing Your Fertility

Boosting Your Fertility Naturally

What You Should Know

How Long Have You Been Trying?

Your Relationship

Feeding Your Fertility

Changing Habits

Vasectomy Reversal

Chapter 3 Fertility In Mind

The Mind/Body Connection

How The Mind/Body Programme Can Help With IVF?

My Treatment Programme

Chapter 4 Waking Up Your Fertility

The Power Of Sleep

Sleep Questionnaire

Seasonal Affected Disorder Syndrome

Chapter 5 Fertility Sex

The Best Position For Getting Pregnant


10 ways to make sex sexier when you are trying to conceive

Chapter 6 The IVF Journey

Preparing for Your Clinic Treatment

Getting Started For Men

Getting Started For Women

Underlying Conditions

Investigations & Tests

An IVF Sequence

Dealing with failure

Chapter 7 Case Studies

Unexplained Infertility

Endometriosis & Sub Clinical PCOS

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization


Neo-natal Death

Chapter 8 Glossary of Terms

A new language

The Phrase Book

Chapter 9 Resources Centre

Chapter 10 Bibliography

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