Prepare for a Happy Birthday!

Prepare for a Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! You’re getting ready to welcome your baby. Good preparation makes for a better, shorter labour. Find out what’s involved, what to expect, what can happen and how cope.

Learn hypnosis and mindfulness to minimize pain, overcome fear and have a happy birthday. Mindfulness hypnotherapy prepares you for birth while dissolving excess fears and anxiety. I’m a former midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies. Let your partner be secure in his role of giving you the best support. Each client is different, so sessions are tailored for you. It only takes 2-3 visits!

Traumatic Birth

I prepare you for when things don’t go  to plan, and equip you with real skills useful in special situations. Some clients are happy to use regular pain relief alongside relaxation skills for the birth. It’s not an either/or scenario. The choice is yours.  Your carers should support you to feel in control, – free to make whatever choice is right for you all during the birth.

Delivery is not always straightforward. I treat women who had bad birth experiences – episiotomy, bleeding or haemorrhage – emergency situations requiring forceps delivery, vacuum ‘Ventouse’ extraction or C-Section. Induction of labour may lead to intense contractions and labour may not proceed smoothly. A baby can get into distress due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s scary. Staff don’t always say the right thing. Fear in dangerous circumstances has lasting consequences. Women tell me they feel robbed of happy early days of motherhood. They can’t share stories of a happy birth with other new mums who don’t understand how changed, different and let-down they feel.

c-section Traumatic birth sometimes leads to serious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.

Do you suffer any of these?

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, racing thoughts, re-running the memories,  irritability, low libido and feeling exhausted all the time?Remember, this is way beyond normal new parent exhaustion and doesn’t go away after a week or so. Post Natal Depression is similar but without the feelings of fear, dread, anger and intrusive memories of the events. Relief is on hand with my sessions. I use EMDR, CBT, Mindfulness Hypnotherapy to help you. There’s no need to suffer, feel overwhelmed, inadequate or guilty. I am delighted to help mothers feel normal and happy, often years after the birth.

Why Hypnosis for Birth?

My mother used hypnosis to have her baby in Africa, far from a hospital, on the shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania, over sixty years ago.  I was  ‘hypnosis baby,’ enjoying a gentle and easy 3-hour birthingday.  My own babies were born with hypnosis. During my midwifery days in Plymouth, 30 years ago, we offered hypnosis as a regular pain relief during the birth, alongside regular choices of Epidural, Entonox and Pethidine. Mums loved it and babies arrived bright-eyed and alert. Breast-feeding was easier for these little ones.

The techniques of Hypnobirth stem from the work of  Ob/Gyn Dr Grantly Dick-Read, who published “Childbirth without Fear” in the 1930’s.

For more information on childbirth visit the National Childbirth Trust.