Let me get these 13 fertility myths exposed and deleted – so you can get on with having your baby! 

1. Fertility falls off a cliff when you hit 35

Fertility, like great cheekbones, runs in families – so find out when your mama went through her menopause! Fertility declines in the years leading up to menopause so you’ll get an idea of your prospects. Bear in mind that it only takes one egg (and one sperm) to make a baby and older women may have better quality eggs then young women.

2. Men are fertile til they’re 90 

Sperm counts and quality decline more slowly over time than women’s eggs. Studies show increased risk of abnormalities, including autism, in children of men over 40.

3. If he’s already a dad it’s my fault

Fertility is a process, not a place. Like Ryanair it’s subject to change. Lifestyle affects male fertility on a daily basis. Diet, sleep, exercise, alcohol intake, work stress and financial pressures all impact men’s fertility quotient.

4. IVF always works

Currently IVF offers around a 23% the same chance of pregnancy per cycle as a healthy couple trying to conceive naturally in a month. In real terms that’s a 77% failure rate per cycle.

5. If he’s big and frisky – he’s fertile!

He may be as sexy as hell, but you can’t guess at his fertility without a semen analysis. That reveals the bigger picture of how likely sperm are to fertilise an egg – quantity, quality and shape are the vital statistics involved.

6. Sex around the clock boosts fertility

Free range sex is great. There is a slight risk of diluting sperm counts by having too much sex. We’re talking 4 times a day 4-5  days a week. Sex for conception is recommended every other day when you’re trying to conceive.

7. I’m immune to post-natal depression cos it took me ages to get pregnant.

Sadly, new mothers who suffered infertility or delay in getting pregnant, are more at risk of suffering post-natal depression. It seem so unfair.

8. My termination of pregnancy is causing my infertility

A termination of pregnancy is not in itself a cause of infertility. However, if you had an infection afterwards, that could be a cause for concern and needs checking out. If my clients have any issues I help with releasing them to allow a new pregnancy.

9. Mum had 5 kids so I can, too.

That’s great! But bear in mind the differences between you and your mother starting a family. Consider your age, weight, diet, work, exercise and stress. And remember, it takes two to make a baby, so your man is 50% of the fertility equation.

10. You need sex on the day you ovulate to get pregnant

The egg is only viable within a 12-hour window. Sperm live for up to 5 days in the Fallopian tubes where they are modified for easier fertilisation. That’s why I recommend my clients to have sex every other day well leading up to ovulation. Menstrual cycles vary in length from 25-34 days so ovulation isn’t a constant fixed day for every woman.

11. If we’re not pregnant within a year we need IVF

A year is a  long time to wait when you’re ready for a baby. So why not have a fertility NCT with a medical fertility doctor to give you the go-ahead or sort out any fertility glitches early on?

12. Going abroad for IVF is risky

Heading to recommended clinics abroad allows you achieve great results at a small fraction of the cost at home. Consults are on Skype with  blood tests and scans done here. Worth researching.

13. Keeping my legs in the air after sex will help me conceive

Ah no, really, it doesn’t! Sperm are great li’l swimmers and get where they’re going within 5 minutes – all by themselves! So just chill and enjoy that post coital glow…