Can Mindfulness Therapy help me?

From  anxiety, panic attacks, fear of flying & public speaking to weight loss, quitting smoking and boosting kids confidence, Mindfulness Therapy offers quick, lasting relief across a range of problems. Maybe you have been suffering in silence, unsure how to get help. Let me help you to make effective changes now. I am a qualified psychotherapist and a former nurse.  If you’d like to discover how you can get started, it’s as simple as picking up your phone. My number is 087 9962466 and I take calls from  Monday – Friday 8pm-9pm.


Are you trying to conceive and is it taking longer than expected?

Have you had recurrent miscarriages or ectopics? Maybe you are planning IVF here, or abroad, Napro treatment, donor egg or a surrogate pregnancy.  Perhaps you already have a child and long for another. Being on the infertility roller coaster is lonely and overwhelming.   Unexplained infertility  leaves more questions than answers.

If you have been doing everything you can to get pregnant and are still failing to conceive, it’s time to  discover how my fertility mindfulness sessions makes a real difference to your well-being and  fertility. Doctors recommend  mindfulness for  boosting both natural fertility and IVF success.  Studies show it can help double chances of conception.

There is a direct connection between your mindset and fertility.  Mindfulness for fertility helps you change your mindset.  Hundreds of intending parents benefit from my  trademark Fertility Bootcamp sessions each year.  Just as athletes plan for success, you can too.  Dissolve your anxiety, stress and mental blocks, improve sleep, shed weight and get sex back on track. Prepare for IVF, to give yourself the best chance of success and learn how to navigate your path to parenthood.

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I am a fertility therapist, IVF coach, mindfulness trainer, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and former midwife, with 30 years helping clients achieve their baby dreams.

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Fertility In Mind

‘Fertility In Mind’ is my FREE  book download. Learn how to maximize your natural fertility. Find out how to prepare for IVF .  Learn More


Weight Smoking Fears Anxiety Panic Attacks Insomnia Public Speaking Confidence –  Are you ready to improve your life? Learn More


Overwhelmed by your cancer diagnosis? Mindfulness is recommended by hospitals. Deal with anxiety & fear, prepare for chemo, manage side-effects and minimize pain.  Learn More


Kids & Teens love Mindfulness …  a new way forward for  school phobia, bullying, body image, confidence & exam successLearn More

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