Fertility Coaching

a fresh start to pregnancy

Doctors often recommend my fertility coaching to augment IVF oe NaPro treatment, improve natural conception rates and reduce anxiety. Fertility coaching uses mindfulness hypnotherapy and EMDR to fill the gaps of fertility treatment, support emotional health and promote a positive mindset while you’re living with infertility.

Can it help me?

Are you sick of doing all you can to conceive – with no change month after month?

Still trying to conceive – while others are effortlessly pregnant? 

Have you had recurrent miscarriage, ectopic or failed IUI or IVF cycles?

Do you plan IVF here or abroad?

donor sperm or egg, surrogacy – and need support?

Are you doing NaPro?

Perhaps you long for another child and face secondary infertility?

Did you know women with babies from  IVF are 5 times more likely to suffer post-natal depression?

Men need help too! I work with male factor infertility and sex issues.

How does it help?

Mindfulness based fertility coaching dissolves emotional road blocks which may sabotage your efforts to conceive and help you have a full-term healthy pregnancy. You’ll regain confidence, restore hope and reduce anxiety – and get ready to conceive. You’ll improve sleep, get sex back on track, shed unwanted weight and learn to prepare for IVF or NaPro success. Fertility coaching protects your mental health and increases resilience.

Let’s get started!

  • Individual sessions, tailored for you
  • 30 years helping people just like you to get pregnant
  • researched-based therapy
  • medical accuracy
  • psychotherapist
  • hypnotherapist
  • fertility therapist
  • IVF + NaPro coach
  • mindfulness trainer
  • qualified midwife
  • former nurse
  • magazine columnist
  • based in Athboy, within easy motorway reach
  • free onsite parking

Call or text now: 087-9962466 

What people say

‘I wish I’d met you at the start, 6 years ago. My husband noticed the change in me right after the first session.  I thought I was coping fine and didn’t need help – but you made all the difference.  I’d lost myself in it all. I discovered a completely different mindset. You prepared me for a real pregnancy.  I’d recommend anyone to see you as soon as they can.’


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