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Skype Consultations Now Available

Skype consultations offer an extremely convenient and affordable way for us to meet ‘face-to-face’ without the need to travel… and from the comfort of your own home.

...a fresh start to pregnancy

Your future rides on decisions you make now. If you want to get ahead and get pregnant, you can benefit from my fertility coaching course.

I designed it especially for people like you – trying to conceive, who face infertility treatment or recurrent miscarriage. Your mindset is vital for conceiving success.

The Fertility Coach - Helena Tubridy

I bring my extensive professional expertise in neuroscience-based hypnosis. My critical insight helps you with your emotional roadblocks of infertility. Learn how easy it is to change your mindset. Fertility doctors refer clients for my expert fertility coaching. It augments NaPro and IVF fertility treatment. Research shows it can double IVF success. (Foresight, UK Assoc. of Pre Conceptual Care). I help you optimise your fertility and share the practical relevance of Mindfulness with you.


So... Who am I?

I’m Helena Tubridy RGN  RM

...qualified coach, – and former gynae nurse and midwife. Information on the internet is a confusing mix of misinformation, myth and marketing hype.

I help people – just like you – make sense of it all, restore your confidence and help you achieve pregnancy. You can share my secrets to the psychology of fertility success.

Will this help me?

If you answer 'Yes' to any of these, we can work together:

  • Waiting to get pregnant, month after month?
  • Are you constantly anxious? Is your life ‘on hold?’
  • TTC – while others are effortlessly pregnant?
  • Doing NaPro or IVF?
  • Had recurrent miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy?
  • Using donor sperm or egg, surrogacy?
  • Facing secondary infertility?

Men suffer too – so I work with male factor infertility, anxiety, sex issues and provide care after miscarriage.

How I Help...

My program for you is based on cutting-edge neuroscience research. It’s medically accurate and very practical. Coaching gives you back a real sense of control. Life gets easier with fresh ideas, less anxiety and new perspectives! You’ll notice improved sleep from the get-go and just imagine enjoying sex again.

You’ll learn what to expect during fertility treatment and how best to communicate with your clinic staff, family, friends and colleagues. Minding your mental health is important no matter how strong you feel – research shows mothers after IVF are 5 times more likely to suffer post-natal depression. I love to see my new moms enjoy every moment of motherhood.


Call, or text me now on    087 996 2466    to book your free 10-min intro Skype call

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Fertility coaching consists of about 6 x 1-hour sessions. Free 30-min consultation at your first visit. Clients are seen individually. Skype sessions are available.

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Below you will find some recent posts from my blog where I discuss such topics as; infertility, fertility information, fertility research, opinions and ‘how-to’ posts with real life stories and lots more. My posts appear in RSVP and My Fertility Expert magazines.

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