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How can Mindfulness help you?

Mindfulness is combined with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy,  coaching, CBT or EMDR. It gives you results quickly if you –

  • want freedom from anxiety, panic attacks or insomnia
  • suffer after traumatic birth, RTA, assault or burglary
  • have a fear of flying, interviews or exams
  • want ease with public speaking and presentations
  • need to shed weight or quit smoking
  • have to navigate cancer treatment
  • or recover after a death, a breakup or bullying 

Infertility is a major part of my work

  • Are you trying to conceive and is it taking longer than expected?
  • Have you had recurrent miscarriages or ectopics?
  • Maybe you are planning IVF here, or abroad, Napro treatment, donor egg or a surrogate pregnancy.
  • Perhaps you long for another child and face secondary infertility.
  • Struggling to get pregnant and failing to conceive month after month? Time to discover how mindfulness boosts fertility.
  • Doctors recommend it because it can help double chances of conception.
  • Dissolve anxiety, stress and mental blocks, improve sleep, shed weight and get sex back on track. Prepare for IVF and give yourself the best chance of success.

Why me?

The Blog Awards - FINALIST

  • Thirty years of successfully helping people just like you
  • clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist
  • fertility therapist
  • IVF coach
  • mindfulness trainer
  • former midwife.

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Mindfulness helps in surprising ways…

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