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It's tough trying to conceive: waiting month after month, doing IVF or medical fertility treatment, suffering recurrent miscarriage, or living the silent grief of secondary infertility. Maybe you feel you're coping fine. But infertility takes an emotional toll on you and your relationship. I'm help people like navigate infertility and you pregnant with conceiving success.

My 10-session fertility flight plan guides you over the line to pregnancy. It covers mindset and physical changes proven to help fertility.  Dissolve emotional roadblocks holding you back - transform anxiety and fears resulting from infertility or after recurrent miscarriage. Fertility doctors refer their patients for my medically accurate treatment. Hypnotherapy is a recognised psychological treatment to explore, reframe and reconstruct anxiety and stress. . Research (and happy parents) shows it can double IVF success. (Foresight, UK Assoc. of Pre Conceptual Care).  Now you can benefit from my clinical expertise via Skype wherever you are 

Helena Tubridy Skype Consultation

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 Enjoy the benefits of fertility coaching + therapy at home  - in your pjs! Evenings & weekends to suit your busy life.


Hi! I’m Helena 

... here to help you get pregnant. I'm a midwife, coach & psychotherapist.

Info online is a confusing mix of misinformation, myth and marketing hype. Let's get it right for a change.

Let's restore hope and regain your confidence 

Let's get started!

Can you help me?

If it's 'Yes' to any of these -

  • Waiting to get pregnant, month after month?
  • Are you constantly anxious?
  • Is your life ‘on hold?’
  • TTC – while others are effortlessly pregnant?
  • Had recurrent miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy?
  • Using donor sperm or egg, surrogacy?
  • Facing secondary infertility?
  • Doing Neo, NaPro or IVF, here or abroad?

Men are isolated on the ttc treadmill. They benefit from fertility coaching. I help with anxiety, stress & sex worries, and give support after failed cycles and pregnancy loss. Hypnosis boosts male fertility.

your fertility flight plan...

Are you ready to make extraordinary changes and prepare to take off to pregnancy? Regain hope and confidence in yourself?

My 10-step fertility flight plan offers solid professional care for women and men trying to conceive, facing infertility, doing IVF or medical fertility treatment. I'm a qualified midwife and psychotherapist, specialising in fertility.

Designed with you in mind, it takes the stress out of trying to conceive. It's tailored to your unique needs. If you’re focused on your fertility success, and committed to the process I’ll guide you to make the changes you need to believe and succeed.

You can be sure of covering all the fertility enhancing bases with me, body and mind, to ensure your best chance of pregnancy. I have over 30 years of helping couples just like you achieve success!

 I have over 30 years of helping couples like you achieve success.

How does it work?

10 individual, private sessions over 3 months with me, in person or on Skype, to:

Formulate your personal Fertility Flight Plan for a fresh start to pregnancy now

  • check
    Set goals and positive personal targets
  • check
    Resolve mental blocks
  • check
    Reduce anxiety and doubt
  • check
    Learn to use hypnosis and mindfulness for relaxation and visualization
  • check
    Regain confidence in yourself and your body
  • check
    Review and plan your fertility diet and nutrition
  • check
    Get the lifestyle balance right
  • check
    Discover the secrets of good fertility sex
  • check
    Prepare your body and mind for pregnancy
  • check
    Promote general well-being
  • check
    Enjoy my personal support throughout your journey to pregnancy
  • check
    Learn what to expect during the birth of your baby.

I guide you to focus fully on your goal of a healthy pregnancy by accessing a fertility mindset and stressing less.

You get positive, proactive support and sound practical advice. The focus is on self-belief and taking ownership of the process in the best way possible. My aim is always to provide professional consistent support and a positive fertility experience for all my clients.

Why do doctors recommend this plan?

Fertility treatment typically involves repeated cycles of interventions and diagnostics, with no guarantee of success. This creates specific emotional distress accompanied by monthly disappointment, grief and loss of self-esteem.

My fertility flight plan incorporates a positive counseling framework, providing real emotional and psychosocial support and care. I establish a therapeutic relationship. Each step of the plan has a clear purpose, a set of objectives and issues to address and overcome.

Counseling aspects:

  • check
    Enable the expression of real emotions in the sharing of the fertility narrative
  • check
    Provide objective emotional support and understanding
  • check
    Impart interventions to manage stress and minimize anxiety
  • check
    Open up discussion of sexual issues and factors contributing to the problem (pressure, medication, depression)
  • check
    Help with rebuilding sexuality as a source of mutual pleasure
  • check
    Address relationship issues in a wider context – family, friends, colleagues
  • check
    Navigate social events, announcements and the Christmas holidays
  • check
    Facilitate the positive transition from infertility patient to healthy pregnant mother.
  • check
    To provide a facility that is non-judgemental, empathetic and supporting.

My work is based on neuroscience brain research. Because I'm a qualified midwife and gynae nurse, my fertility coaching is medically accurate. It teaches you how to work your fertility for a change. I'm with you every step of the way. You’ll notice improved sleep from the get-go, and just imagine enjoying sex again. Life, work and relationships are easier with less stress.

You'll get my tried and tested advice to prepare for success and find out how to juggle fertility treatments, family, friends and work. Minding your mental health now not only allows you to conceive more quickly, but also to enjoy your pregnancy and being a new mom. Sadly, research shows mothers after IVF are 5 times more likely to suffer post-natal depression. I like to see my new moms happy and enjoying it all.


Call or text me now on    087 996 2466   for your free 10-min intro Skype call

Fertility flight plan   10 x 1-hour sessions : €130 each. Full course discount: €1200.  One-off 90 min session €150. Skype: €100. Individual sessions. Skype .

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