Fertility Coaching and Mindfulness Therapy

If you’re trying to conceive or face infertility, your doctor may recommend my fertility coaching sessions to help you. They consist of psychotherapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, CBT and EMDR, personalised for you.

Are you doing all you can to achieve pregnancy – but still no bfp, month after month? Facing infertility while everyone seems effortlessly pregnant? Maybe you’ve had recurrent miscarriage, ectopic or failed IVF cycles?

My sessions are designed to help you with the emotional and mental health side of trying to conceive and boost fertility.

Do you plan IVF here, or abroad – are you using NaPro, donor sperm or egg, surrogacy – and need support? Perhaps you long for another child and face secondary infertility?

Doctors recommend my sessions so you can feel better – and double your chances of conception. Dissolve anxiety, stress and road blocks to conceiving, improve sleep, shed weight and get sex back on track. Take time to talk, refresh your perspective, regain confidence.

Learn to prepare for IVF and NaPro success and prevent post-natal depression. Women who have babies with IVF are 5 times more likely to suffer depression afterwards. http://www.helenatubridy.com/ivf-mums-risk-post-birth-depression/

Blokes need help too. I work with male factor infertility and sex issues – however well camouflaged.

Listen back to my recent piece on  the LMFM Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly, 28th July 2015 – My chat begins at 28 minutes – so you get a flavour of how I sound.


Why me?

  • Individual sessions, tailored for you
  • The Blog Awards - FINALIST30 years helping people just like you to get pregnant
  • brief, researched-based therapy
  • medical accuracy
  • psychotherapist
  • hypnotherapist
  • fertility therapist
  • IVF + NaPro coach
  • mindfulness trainer
  • qualified midwife
  • former nurse

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